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Under The Dubai Sky - Creating Balance
Under The Dubai Sky - Creating Balance

The destination

Dubai, a city where desert sands make way into wondrous skyscrapers. Home to man-made islands, signature villas and designer hotels, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing city. Sitting on the all-important strategic route way of the modern world, trade and commerce runs through the veins of this plush megalopolis.
Under the visionary leadership of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, this city is now poised to make its mark on the global art and culture scene.
Attracting master artists from around the globe, Dubai promises to become a global destination for all art lovers.

The work

Top executives walk under a gymnast balancing on a thin line, while financial deals are struck on the top floor of a sparkling glass building with a brass acrobat doing a handstand outside the window.
This is a scene at the Dubai International Financial Centre, the region's premier financial destination. Visitors, professionals and art enthusiasts are treated to JOTKA's artistic innovation, as his exhibition "Under the Dubai Sky - Creating Balance" opens in the DIFC. This magnificent exhibition blends JOTKA's artistic finesse and the kinetic properties of sculpture.
Under the patronage of the H.E. Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman, Governor of the Dubai International Financial Centre and Managing Director of the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, Barclays Wealth presents "Under the Dubai Sky - Creating Balance". Twenty-five of JOTKA's balancing sculptures will adorn the premises of the DIFC from the 23 November to 19 December 2008. The exhibition is also held with the support of the DIFC and Interone Resonance
The secret of balancing sculptures is that the centre of gravity lies below the fulcrum, which makes it impossible for a sculpture to fall off the line. The whole performance of the sculptures depends on the maintenance of equilibrium.
The intriguing combination of wobbling sculptures and the final stability is a game that the sculptor undertakes with the spectator's visual habits. The apprehension that grips viewers as they observe these sculptures is strongly challenged by the ruthless laws of physics.
As the wind gently cradles these sculptures, shadows create geographic projections adding a new dimension to the beauty of the work and allowing the viewers to project their own interpretations.
Balancing Sculptures by JOTKA amuse and attract, but above all, they balance. Balancing between horizontal and vertical lines, they blend in with the overall architectural and interior design of the DIFC and become a part of the municipal scenery.
The sculptures are not classically beautiful: they are interesting, grotesque and true like circus actors. Their greatest strength lies in this ambiguity.
This exhibition is born from the wish of inspiring people to see life from a different perspective.
It is organized by Mark121 Fine Art Events, that specialises in creating art exhibitions and art events for highly acclaimed international artists. Our art and cultural projects mirror the key objectives of the UAE Government Strategy, which places special emphasis on cultural and artistic development of young generations. We sincerely contribute to the development of art education through organising challenging and stimulating art events. Our objective is to create a link between East and West through exploring the professional and public interest in art.
The company handles a comprehensive portfolio of services that extend from marketing and PR to sourcing art.